Publication Dates 2024

Spring Edition 
1 March
Ad copy deadline: 26 January

Summer Edition
24 May
Ad copy deadline: 19 April

Autumn Edition
25 August
Ad copy deadline: 12 July

Winter Edition
15 November
Ad copy deadline: 11 October

Advertising Rates 2024

Double Page Spread
€7,000 plus VAT

Full Page
€4,000 plus VAT

Half Page
€2,000 plus VAT

1/4 Page
€1,000 plus VAT

1/8 Page
€500 plus VAT

Advert Dimensions

Double page spread
460 x 300mm centred with 4mm bleed and registration/crop marks offset by 5mm

Full page
230 x 300mm, centred with 4mm bleed and registration/crop marks offset by 5mm.

1/2 page (Landscape)
205 x 130mm

1/2 Page (Portrait)
100 x 265mm

1/4 Page (Portrait Only)
100 x 130mm

1/8 Page (Landscape Only)
100 x 62mm

Technical Specifications

PDFs only

Mac compatible CD or Download details.

All PDFs must be generated using the PDF/x-1a:2001 presets. Any PDFs in the RGB colour space will be converted and may result in undesired colours.
 PDFs must be supplied at the final printed size in CMYK format with no spot colours, all fonts embedded and with all images at 300dpi resolution. The ideal CMYK profile for Irish Arts Review is ‘ISOCoatedFogra39’

For full page adverts there should be a 4mm bleed all around and crop marks must be offset by 5mm or 15pt. Text and logos must be within a safe area of 8 – 10mm from the edge of page on industry standard colour proof such as digital cromalin must be supplied with supplied ad copy to check for colour and copy accuracy. If a proof is not supplied, the IAR will not accept responsibility for any discrepancies or variations in colour caused during printing process.


[email protected]
Tel: +353 1 676 6711

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