New Generation Gallery

Aoife Nolan

BA (Hons) Fine Art, Crawford College of Art and Design

New Generation Gallery

Connections: My work speaks to physical, emotional, intuitive, connections. Inspired by nature and yogic practice, interior and exterior landscapes merge. Honouring the primal human need for connection, the pulse of the cosmos resides in reciprocity. A methodology of research situated within the natural landscape is the bedrock of my work, supporting the practice of artist functioning as conduit between subject and materiality. Processes and materials used include; corroding copper to make ink, applying copper leaf, a metal found in earth and human tissue, known to conduct energy and enhance psychic abilities. Indexing natural surfaces; rock and grass, a tactile act dissolving the illusion of separateness. The resulting contemporary landscapes are a translation of emotional, sensory, felt, experiences of connection, into physical form.

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