New Generation Gallery

Bernadette Tuite

BA (Hons) Applied Art, Ceramic Glass and Textiles, Crawford College of Art and Design

New Generation Gallery 2018

ARTIST STATEMENT My work investigates the creative and destructive forces of nature found in Atlantic coastal geology through ceramic vessels. I consider the erosive processes of wind and water and emulate these forces while making. I layer different coloured clays, marbling, tearing, compressing together, seam and strata, to echo the tortured seascape of my inspiration.

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Nohoval Cove by Bernadette Tuite
Boudinage ii by Bernadette Tuite
Funny Cove i, Sands Cove i & ii by Bernadette Tuite
Bullies Bay i & ii by Bernadette Tuite
Granite Cliffs by Bernadette Tuite
Garrettstown i & ii by Bernadette Tuite