New Generation Gallery


BA (Hons) Art & Design, Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology

New Generation Gallery 2016

I like to work in acrylics, painting mainly from photographs that I take using my camera phone. The main subjects that I use in most of my paintings are my own parents, along with myself and my dog. I also like to paint from photographs of different people that I see around different parts of Galway City.

More info about BERNARD DOOLEY at https://www.bernarddooley/

'The Big Sleep' by BERNARD DOOLEY
'Don't forget to Brush' by BERNARD DOOLEY
'It's a Date' by BERNARD DOOLEY
'Fiddler in the Square' by BERNARD DOOLEY
'A pint at Murphy's Bar by BERNARD DOOLEY
'Banjoman' by BERNARD DOOLEY