New Generation Gallery

Breda Stacey

BA (Hons) Art, IT Carlow/Wexford School of Art and Design


August 2016
Breda Stacey’s work has been selected by Curator Anna O’Sullivan for the RDS Visual Art Awards shortlist of the most promising graduating BA and MA artists from end of year Degree Shows in selected colleges around the country.

Stacey has been awarded a month long, winter residency in Burren College of Art, where she will work on a new body of work.

Recent Works

by Breda Stacey
by Breda Stacey
by Breda Stacey
by Breda Stacey
The Possible World is Real by Breda Stacey
Fold by Breda Stacey
by Breda Stacey

New Generation Gallery 2016

My work is concerned with perceptions of gender/identity. Is gender innate or socially constructed? Do we actually have choices about how we behave, live our lives, or recognise each other as individuals? My work invites a dialogue on these issues and proposes encounters and conversations based on form. Making room for the disregarded, the outsider, the illusive 'other', is what interests me.

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Burn by Breda Stacey
Bridge by Breda Stacey
Where the light gets in, dark waits. by Breda Stacey
Bump by Breda Stacey
Return by Breda Stacey
Fire by Breda Stacey