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Clodagh Cummins

Creative Broadcast and Film Production, Limerick School of Art and Design

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The High Life is a short documentary about Limerick Flying Club based out of Coonagh Airfield in County Limerick. My aim when creating this was to show the love and passion people have for flying in this community. When you think of pilots you tend think of high-flying pilots jetting off to exotic places to deliver passengers to their holidays, not everyday people who keep up their hours to disappear into the air for a few hours on the weekend to relax. This documentary showcases the real life people who frequent the Airfield to fly just because they love to do so. I wanted to share the sheer amount of history attached to the Limerick Flying Club and the Coonagh Flying Field. The Limerick Flying Club has been in operation for over 50 years, and is alive and well due to the devotion and dedication of its members. In this documentary, I interview Harry McNamara, the chairperson of the Board, Foncy Hobbins and Brendan Beegan, who was a founding members.

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The High Life: A Coonagh Airfield Documentary Poster
Coonagh Plane on the Runway
Harry McNamara, Chairperson of the Board
Coonagh Airfield