New Generation Gallery

Críona Scannell

BA(hons)Contemporary Art(Sculpture, Ceramics, Digital Media), Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology

New Generation Gallery 2021

Climate and landscape are inescapable influences on my art practice. Not only are those things a source of inspiration, but they also provide materials for my work. Our collective connection to the land and sea is a running thread throughout my work. To take from the earth and create. Using a variety of media and materials, I explore the natural cycles in everyday existence. Life and death, illness and health, anxiety and peace. Following a fascinating path through the everyday humdrum of the mundane. Exploring humour, sadness, solitude and peace. We are the centre of our individual universes and tiny specks of stardust. Everything we do, create, is important and insignificant.

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by Críona Scannell