New Generation Gallery

Darragh Dempsey

BA Fine Art - Media, National College of Art and Design


July 2016
Darragh Dempsey has been awarded the Thomas Dammann Junior Memorial Trust Award.

Darragh Dempsey was awarded the Don Nicollo D’Ardia Caracciolo award and gold medal at the 185th RHA Annual Exhibition.

New Generation Gallery 2016

My current work utilizes the people, places and objects that surround me by composing them in a way that forms some kind of narrative. Much of the reference material within this work stems from popular culture. This borrowing of material pushes the work into the realm of remix culture.

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‘A Matter of Time’ by Darragh Dempsey
‘A Long Stretch’ by Darragh Dempsey
‘The Mind’s eye’ by Darragh Dempsey
‘Táthar ag súil le saol nua’ by Darragh Dempsey
‘Rapid Eye Movement II’ by Darragh Dempsey
‘Window into The Void’ by Darragh Dempsey