New Generation Gallery

Emma Moore Heslin

Fine Art, IADT

New Generation Gallery

These paintings portray ordinary people engaged in everyday activities. They are figurative pieces painted on primed wood and stretched canvas. I aspire to achieve a sense of intimacy within the relationships depicted. My subject matter focuses on human interactions in social situations, attempting to capture momentary exchanges, showing the close familiarity of friends and family, relaxed and unaware of the viewer’s gaze. I use a lot of colour in my work to make it vibrant and engaging. In these paintings I wanted to reveal those unnoticed moments, capturing instances of casual intimacy in which subjects are unaware of the external viewpoint. The characters in these social settings are anonymous, lending a feeling of both universality and accessibility to the work and perhaps enabling the viewer to place themselves or those they know within these social settings. I enjoy studying and depicting body language and deciphering the untold emotions and thoughts it may convey.

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Working with Dad
"Almost ready".
On the grass
"You're doing great".
Lazy Day
Finding the Balance