New Generation Gallery

Faye Larkin

Illustration, National College of Art and Design

New Generation Gallery

I am a visual artist who, over the last year, has focused on the concept of being contained. This project is called "Warning May Contain" and is my ode to life’s containers big and small, internal and external, and everything besides. From beginning to end you can follow along my stream-of-consciousness, my thoughts surrounding the word contain and what that means. This magazine has everything from death and mourning to love and fear to an old TV set I saw in a window. I wanted to push myself creatively but also emphasise the power of collaboration. This publication features a variety of works such as poetry and fashion design that I believed would fit the theme and content inside. This project in so many ways encapsulates all I have learned in the past few years and also represents all I want to be in the years to come.

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Honesty's Policy
Not so Romance
The Depths of Sin
Letter from the Editor
Contain Zine
'Bottoms Up' Beermats