New Generation Gallery

Jenny King

BA Hons Fine Art, Painting, University of Ulster, University of Ulster

New Generation Gallery

There is a contrast in my paintings between my subject matter and my style as most of my artwork embodies macabre themes, but I paint them to be playful, colourful and sometimes even comedic. I work mainly with charcoal and acrylic paint on canvas, to create abstract, surreal compositions. The subjects of my paintings are nearly always centred around animals and focus on themes of life and death and the contrast between the two states, my practice is narrative based and focuses on events from my own personal experiences growing up and how I perceived them as a child. Living near the countryside gives way to experiences involving animals not all of which are pleasant, many of these experiences formed the basis of how I understood the value of life and the meaning of death. My paintings explore the different value we place on animal life compared to our own, as well as the different values placed upon different kinds of animals, varying from domestic to livestock.

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“Blue Sally”
“Dog teeth”
“Past Beaches”
“Bird bones”
“Small fox”