New Generation Gallery

Julia Dubsky

BA Fine Art - Painting & Visual Culture , National College of Art and Design

New Generation Gallery 2016

This work results from practicing what critic/artist Merlin James terms ‘painting per se’ - pigment on flat rectangular surfaces responding to histories of this specific medium. Painting's long history is burdensome but my process is as hopeful as a flirt; like a promise with no guarantee of being kept. It is a hip-wiggling exercise to consider notions bordering conviction and evaluation.

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Untitled (colour study on hessian) by Julia Dubsky
Untitled (blossoms, chillies on calico) by Julia Dubsky
Untitled (Prince) by Julia Dubsky
Swans and Sunset by Julia Dubsky
Untitled (colour study on hessian IV) by Julia Dubsky
Ocean Crossings by Julia Dubsky