New Generation Gallery

Kate McSharry

BA (Hons) Contemporary Art, Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology

New Generation Gallery 2021

We (in this work, women in particular) share experiences that are typically kept silent, their impact comes to realisation as they are voiced. Poetry allows the space for energy to build and be expelled through an articulated riot-of-sorts. There are interruptions faced when delicately observing creation through concrete. Art is a universal language yet also a unique experience as our interpretations are affected by knowledge and environment, meaning it is a powerful communication tool. I am graduating with first class honours in Contemporary Art from the Centre for Creative Arts and Media at GMIT in 2021, and will undertake a curatorial residency at Sample Studios in Cork during Spring 2022. I am on the education team at TULCA Festival of Visual Arts in Galway. My work is being exhibited at the outdoor installation Begin The Begin at Artlink, Fort Dunree, Donegal and was recently included in a joint exhibition with Corban Walker at the Sarah Walker Gallery in Castletownbere, Cork.

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by Kate McSharry