New Generation Gallery

Kate Power

BA Joint Honours Degree in Fine Art Print and Education, Nat, National College of Art and Design

New Generation Gallery

I am a visual artist based in Dublin, working across print, sculpture and sound. My work focuses on the use of mythology in contemporary Irish culture to access intangible cultural heritages. Through engagement with the older generation within Irish communities, the National Folklore Collection, and on site research, my work attempts to reveal the complex ties between people and land. To that end, I use the humble weed as a means to engage with more impalpable issues. Deeply rooted and woven throughout Irish mythology and lore, weeds are often depicted as powerful healers, teachers and protectors of the land. While in contemporary culture, they are often thought of as intrusive invaders of our perfectly pruned gardens, unwanted, unsightly and to be uprooted as soon as possible. I play with these connotations, depicting the plants as gems emerging from the darkness, asking the viewer to contemplate; perhaps the most human of plants, are the weeds?

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