New Generation Gallery

Lauren O’Gorman

Visual Merchandising and Display, Technological University Dublin

New Generation Gallery 2021

Project for final year work placement installation. What's Your Escape? In a year where a home is not just a place you live and is instead becoming an adaptation of your office, gym, spa, and even your favourite restaurant, I wanted to create a window display for The White Company, Grafton Street, that reflects this and is relatable in some way. Using expanded polystyrene, I hand cut and painted the clouds and used LED strip lights to incorporate the colour of the year Aqua AI, to keep the window on trend for the season. I dressed the mannequins in pyjamas and incorporated The White Company's Sleep Scent products to highlight the dreamlike theme further. I then used stock that perpetuated the idea of escapism such as self-care, holiday wear, cooking, and dining and encapsulated them floating in clouds to give a 'head in the clouds' fantasy relating to how people might escape.

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by Lauren O’Gorman