New Generation Gallery

Lorna Roberts

BA Art & Design, Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology


August 2016
Lorna Roberts recently completed an artist residency at GMIT Castlebar.

Recent Works

Untitled by Lorna Roberts
Untitled by Lorna Roberts
Untitled by Lorna Roberts

New Generation Gallery 2016

I am interested in the materiality of paint surface and how it contributes to a viewer's engagement with a painting. My starting point is often a landscape, still life, or the people around me, but to a large extent the subject matter is not important, as I tend to move on to exploring mark making and colour as a sensuous, rather than intellectual experience. I usually work in oils or charcoal.

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A Warmer Shore. by Lorna Roberts
Boat House. by Lorna Roberts
Dark Woods. by Lorna Roberts
From the Shore. by Lorna Roberts
Bertha and Bob. by Lorna Roberts
Down in The Weeds by the River. by Lorna Roberts