New Generation Gallery

Louise Kennedy

BA Hons Fine Art, University of Ulster

New Generation Gallery

I am an abstract painter who works with primarily acrylics and oils. I work by masking off areas of the canvas with paper stencils and painting over them to build up overlapping layers and shapes. My art places an emphasis on the colour, opacity and texture of the paint. Over the span of last few years, I have increasingly moved away from more figurative work and towards total abstraction. I am heavily inspired by the organic forms of the natural landscape and the human body, which are echoed through the biomorphic shapes created by the stencilling process.

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Untitled No. 21 (2022)
Untitled No. 20 (2022)
Untitled No. 19 (2022)
Untitled No. 18 (2022)
Untitled No. 17 (2022)
Untitled No.16 (2022)