New Generation Gallery

Maria Mollohan

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Contemporary Arts, Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology

New Generation Gallery 2020

I love making 3-D out of 2-D and the opposite. Etching is my main passion and admire artist Victoria-Goro-Rapoport`s hybrid layered printing techniques. By accident, I used old plates and now work backwards leaving the plate to bite first, then line etch, aquatint or screen-print sugar lift patterns. Now I use Tetra pak,gum transfer, lino etch. Mokulito, Cyanotype, paper litho or silk aquatint

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Gil Scott Heron by Maria Mollohan
Louis Armstrong by Maria Mollohan
Singer Ledisi Anibade Young by Maria Mollohan
Spiddal horses by Maria Mollohan
Lisack by Maria Mollohan
My lovely horse by Maria Mollohan