New Generation Gallery

Niamh Murphy

Contemporary Art (BA), Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology

New Generation Gallery

Due to the unexpected exodus from the studio during lockdown, the shrinking of space to work in has impacted the work that I’ve been making in response - both practically and in content. Influenced by the escapist nature of the fantasy genre, both the process of making and viewing aim to relieve mundanity and inspire imagination. The suspension of scale in the surreal miniature sets unfolds the possibilities for larger realities. I build miniature sets and photograph them using multiple light colours and sources on a digital camera. I also work with digital simulacra and AI constructed landscapes, exploring the boundary between the ‘real’ and digital landscapes. The installation, presentation, and formal/sculptural considerations of the photograph in space forms the final but integral part of work. I pose traditional and non-traditional hanging methods together, deconstructing the understanding of these methods and engaging with them as individual formal elements - which in turn,

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/set, gent/y set
untitled generated lanscapes
untitled dinosaurs
scene iv - as seen from across the fords of isen
purposefully obfuscated!!!!