New Generation Gallery

Oilbhe Scannell

BA Art & Design, Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology

New Generation Gallery 2016

Should memories be buried or shared, items discarded or treasured? Are only the grand worthy of remembrance or the everyday? This selection of mono prints deals with the subject of loss and change remembering the everyday man, everyday tools and items. This project is mostly ghost image Mono printing. Known as the painters print, mono printing is a departure from my usual painting with ink/wax.

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7 Geansaí by Oilbhe Scannell
Fly tying by Oilbhe Scannell
Hammer it Home by Oilbhe Scannell
His Cardigan by Oilbhe Scannell
Rosary Beads by Oilbhe Scannell
Skull with face by Oilbhe Scannell