New Generation Gallery

Orla O’Byrne

BA in Fine Art, Crawford College of Art and Design

New Generation Gallery 2019

This work is an investigation into the complicated story of a collection of 200-year-old plaster casts known in Cork as the Canova Casts. Dozens of chalk drawings are projected in sequence onto a monumental blackboard and a collection of large format analogue photographic negatives are displayed within lightboxes. There is also a sculptural object: an unauthorised cast of a cast.

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Surmoulage by Orla O’Byrne
Surmoulage by Orla O’Byrne
Light boxes by Orla O’Byrne
Two light boxes by Orla O’Byrne
Installation shot 2019 by Orla O’Byrne
Untitled by Orla O’Byrne