New Generation Gallery

Renske Boef

Contemporary Art 2D, Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology

New Generation Gallery

From looking at the image overload that we are dealing with in our lives I began to think about what an image actually is and does, and about the relationship we have with images. I have been working with an archive of old family photos and questions arose such as how images affect our memory and how are we going to remember the presence, as the photos I have been working with weren’t made with the purpose of being shared on social media, they were taken for a small audience. The photos that wouldn’t necessarily make it to a photo album interested me most, as these are of in-between moments, of non-events. The painting process of these images brings them into the present and adds an extra element of time. Photos that were recorded in a split second in the past, start to lead a life of their own.

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Hanging Out