New Generation Gallery

Susanne Wawra

BA Fine Art - Painting, National College of Art and Design


September 2016
Susanne Wawra has been shortlisted for the Visual Arts category in the Undergraduate Awards 2016.

New Generation Gallery 2016

Memento is a series of mixed-media paintings as notes toward a (re)collection of my personal life history. In my process-driven, visceral work there is no blank canvas, matter is already at hand - everything I do is additive. The interweaving of print and paint allows for the creation of something hovering between real and imagined; a memory.

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Anker (Anchor) by Susanne Wawra
Klumpen (Lumps) by Susanne Wawra
Schotenschild by Susanne Wawra
Detail from Hong den Kong (Hong the Kong) by Susanne Wawra