New Generation Gallery

Thérèse Tynan

Printmaking Contemporary Practice, Limerick School of Art and Design

New Generation Gallery 2019

My work explores my perception of 'Self' through informal observation and a personal means of expression. By attempting to convey the emotional and psychological realism of myself, I create a number of portraits whilst looking at my reflection in the mirror. The mirror image defamiliarizes the real and opens it up to the force of the irrational and the unconscious.

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The 'Rents by Thérèse Tynan
Happy Birthday by Thérèse Tynan
Sinking and Naked by Thérèse Tynan
Young Working Woman by Thérèse Tynan
This is not Tramore? by Thérèse Tynan
Spooked Sister's by Thérèse Tynan