Class of 2023 • Installation

Ada Lynch

Ada Lynch
MTU Crawford College of Art and Design (MTU CCAD)


Graduation Year
Class of 2023


Artists StatementMy area of interest is inspired by the environment of derelict dwellings and properties. They are a repository of history, stories and memories. Often within and around these spaces one can find remnants of furniture, personal belongings, family photos, which offer an insight to the past.They have always intrigued me as both a presence and an absence can be felt, sometimes simultaneously, evoking thoughts and memories of my own childhood, siblings, parents and the home I grew up in. Fragmented moments of memory triggered by the impermanent state of objects and structures left behind. Sometimes there is a difficulty in retrieving the full image or fragile memory, they fade in and out of vison and become obscured by layers of other memories. In my work I want to represent this fragile memory that gets layered and the sense of presence or absence they evoke within us through incorporating and layering found building materials, reworking photo images, transparencies, cyanotype prints, mixed media, Exploring colour and line and to abstract a memory however faded it may be and highlighting the impermanence of life and things.Artists which have continually travelled with me in this journey are Christian Boltanski, Robert Rauschenberg, Anslem Kiefer, Louise Bourgeois, however there are many modern and contemporary artists I look to in various fields such as print ,mixed media, photography, installation and sculpture, as my work is continually evolving. Ada Lynch
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