Class of 2022 • Animation

Alan Bourke-Tuffy

Limerick School of Art and Design


Graduation Year
Class of 2022


'1798' is an animated dramatization of the French expeditionary landing in Connacht during the Irish Rebellion. Led by General Humbert, this force was sent to provide aid to the Irish rebels fighting in Co. Mayo.
The battle is captured in sweeping camera movements of the illustrated war-torn landscape. A montage account of the early victories, skirmishes, and eventual defeat of Humbert’s army. The bleak and brutal nature of war is portrayed with a limited colour palette and graphic style.
By exhibiting victory and defeat of French, Irish, and British forces the precarious nature of war is shown. Bold red stands in stark contrast to the monotone palette which represents the violent bloodshed and slaughter of Irish rebels who were hunted down and executed following the French surrender.
Through the striking depiction of the expedition, this animation showcases a historic Irish event which shows that war is not always pointless, but it is always tragic.
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