Class of 2022 • Print

Alice Timmons O’ Brien

National College of Art and Design


Graduation Year
Class of 2022


I use the art process as an outlet to express my struggle with a spinal condition which I have dealt with for the past ten years. I am an active swimmer and connected with it as a means to manage my back pain & keep up my level of fitness. Despite finding strength both physically and mentally in the pool, I still struggle with the conflict between mind & body. Through screen-print my imagery consists of X-rays, alongside my own documentation of the swimming pool environment. The ghostly nature of the x-rays reflect the invisibility of my condition. These scans tell us not the superficial, but what is inside the body hidden beneath the surface. The lightbox explores alternative & poetic ways of using medical imaging while maintaining the clinical aesthetic of the scans. I have layered underwater footage of the tumble turn action in my prints replicating the pool space through the CYMK process. I wanted to create a space that finds balance between the mediative & clinical realities.
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