Class of 2023 • Installation

Ana Maria Surdu

Ana Maria Surdu
MTU Crawford College of Art and Design (MTU CCAD)


Graduation Year
Class of 2023


Microplastics have become a component of our water, soil, and organisms and they are an unquestionable intervention in our present geologic period. How will this be recorded by our knowledge and history institutions? How will our Holocene landfills be represented in the geologic stratigraphic samples? As trilobites were the markers of the Cambrian rock formations, will bottle caps become the alternative stratigraphic marker of our Quaternary period? My work presents small environs made up from organic replicas in ceramic and glass and the found materiality on various West Cork beaches. This is an investigation of visual mutations. Curious combinations are presented where mass-produced objects washed by the sea deviously mingle with Nature’s wonders. Appropriating the scientific methods of a natural history museum, the illusory blends between organic and inorganic are labelled and archived. The conflicting materiality displayed in lit cabinets of curiosities, installations, and macro photography, challenge the viewer’s perception as the divide between Naturalia and Artificialia trick the eye.
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