Class of 2023 • Fashion

Anna Rave

Anna Rave
National College of Art and Design (NCAD)


Graduation Year
Class of 2023


My collection represent a menswear line that possesses the versatility to be embraced as unisex fashion. Sophisticated materials such as deadstock neoprene, heavy structured weaves and felted lambswool combined with exquisite craftsmanship embody a timeless appeal. The target audience, individuals with an appreciation for a clean, structured and refined aesthetic. Throughout the design process I carefully picked a selection of fabrics that complement each other, ensuring a harmonious interplay of textures and colours. Within the collection each ensemble can be tailored by interchanging different combinations of the garments. This unique feature targets a wider audience and empowers the wearer to effortlessly transition between a relaxed or a more formal attire, catering to their individual preferences and the demands of any occasion. By avoiding fleeting trends and focusing on long lasting aesthetics, this collection embodies timeless style with the essence of a valued forever favourite.For my collection I tried to capture HEIMAT – the feeling of home that is not tied down to a defined place. It describes a safe space of belonging. Having lived across the world my inspiration is generated by architectural drawings of various homes, clean lines from housing structures and street maps.My collection communicates comfort, safety and shelter but is also practical, wearable and long lasting. Therefore, I created my own materials for the garments through bonding fabrics, felting knit, laser cutting and fabric manipulation. I mainly used dead stock fabrics and pure lambswool for the knit pieces to work as sustainably as possible with a view to future generations; as they too will need a HEIMAT.
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