Class of 2023 • Fashion

Aoife Harvey

Aoife Harvey
Ulster University, Belfast School of Art


Graduation Year
Class of 2023


Waste to Wardrobe - Redefining Fashion with an eco-conscious mindset In my final graduate collection, "Waste to Wardrobe," I embark on a transformative journey that reimagines fashion design through an innovative, fabric-first approach. Inspired by my unwavering commitment to sustainability and a profound concern for our environment, I sought to create a collection that seamlessly blends trendsetting style with eco-friendly consciousness.Drawing inspiration from the richness of historical textile techniques, I embraced patchwork and quilting, infusing them with a contemporary flair that resonates with the fashion sensibilities of 2023. Upholstery, denim, and leather – once destined for landfills – became the vibrant medium through which I breathed new life into fashion's narrative.At the core of my creative vision lies a profound appreciation for Ireland's mesmerizing landscapes, specifically the patchwork fields and the awe-inspiring Giants Causeway with its hexagonal steps. These iconic landmarks sparked the colour palette for my collection, reminding us of the beauty of our surroundings, and simultaneously evoking the urgency to protect and preserve them.To elevate the essence of repair and rejuvenation, I turned to the Japanese art of Kintsugi, where golden accents symbolize the beauty found in embracing imperfections. In this spirit, I adorned my pieces with exquisite gold hardware and eyelets, transforming flaws into celebrated elements of uniqueness.The pristine white thread and ties that punctuate my creations symbolize fresh beginnings and renewal – a powerful representation of the colour white and its profound significance in my design philosophy.Versatility is the cornerstone of my collection, carefully curated to empower individuals to mix and match effortlessly, creating diverse looks that can be cherished and worn time and again. Waste to Wardrobe embodies the idea that sustainable fashion can be not only environmentally conscious but also inherently stylish and adaptable.Through this collection, I aspire to ignite a paradigm shift in the fashion industry, encouraging fellow designers and consumers alike to rethink their approach to design, embrace upcycling, and embrace the beauty of clothing with a story to tell.In a world yearning for change, "Waste to Wardrobe" is a resounding call to action, a harmonious union of creativity and conscience that seeks to redefine fashion's impact on our planet. I hope that my collection will inspire others to change their perspectives, to appreciate the limitless possibilities of upcycled fashion, and to embark on a transformative journey toward a more sustainable and responsible future.
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