Class of 2021 • Visual Communication

Aoife La Rocque

Crawford College of Art and Design

Visual Communication

Graduation Year
Class of 2021


As a designer, I try to embrace and use multiple mediums to communicate. For example, illustration, video and motion graphics. I continually try to learn and improve my skills and I see every day as a school day. I’ve found passion and my strengths in creating brand identities. Thus, my final year project creates a brand identity and promotional campaign for ‘an unapologetically Irish’ themed café and festival.

The brand uses humour and nostalgia to communicate its theme. The design combines Irish – Kitsch with punk and contemporary design. Just like some questionable retro fabrics and patterns, the Ballygobackwards brand is flamboyant, playful and ‘unapologetic’. Through the whole process, I feel the brand has managed to communicate what I set out for it to do. It’s bold and funny without being offensive or insincere. It’s reminiscent of the old but has a contemporary and fresh design.
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