Class of 2021 • Painting

Aoife Ruth



Graduation Year
Class of 2021


Due to Covid 19 and the restrictions which followed it, I found myself at home again. Over the past year, I have become aware of my growing connection with my local surroundings. This project emerged as I began taking frequent walks along a stretch of the Royal canal. Specifically, along an area known as the Deep Sinking. A sinking is the process in which the canal was cut. Through this routine of walking I noticed a tension between the landscapes separated by the canal — with housing estates and industrial parks on one side and farmland and big areas of green on the other. Deep Sinking is a series which uses a range of media and material strategies to respond to the canal and the tensions of the areas surrounding it. The paintings are based on my visits to the canal, backed up by map-based inquiry and historical research.
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