Class of 2021 • Painting

Audrey Fallon

National College of Art and Design


Graduation Year
Class of 2021


The creation process of my work is quite impulsive and intuitive in nature. Influenced by DIY and punk subcultural methods and qualities, I reject the conventional expectations of the white cube, “isolated work on wall” presentation. I do not find it particularly engaging, nor does it invoke any aspirations in myself.

The objective of this artwork is to invigorate a semblance of balance in an unconventional and provocative manner. The tension between the beautiful and the brash is never disturbed but is constantly under strain. It is this tension that stimulates the engagement and subsequently serves to dismantle any pre-existing hierarchies. It threads the line of bricolage and installation.

The work is intended to create an eclectic environment to stimulate both myself and the audience. At a glance, it can appear flippant and dismissive, but on closer examination the meticulous attention to detail in the organisation of the artwork emerges.
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