Class of 2022 • Installation

Brianna Marshall Crowe

Brianna Marshall Crowe
National College of Art and Design


Graduation Year
Class of 2022


My studio work and educational projects are informed by sustainability and the celebration of our natural world. Yet it is the psychological concepts and historical practices of working with cloth manipulation that I can narrate and tell stories. My work stems from exploration into my family tree and ancient heritage. Drawing on Quaker ethos and personal values, this work is heavily based on slow everyday acts of life and appreciation for all of ‘God’s’ creations on Earth. Through extensive research into the history and values of the Quakers I have found myself drawn to and actively engaged in slow living informed by inherited practices. I have access to native Irish plants, working with the seasons to harvest natural dyes, scientifically alter the PH and colour, spin yarn and weave from what grows in my garden. Deriving from this practice, I have also been inspired to make bio-plastic alternatives to unsustainable plastic buttons and cutlery using a range of ingredients with seaweed.
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