Class of 2023 • Ceramics

Bridget Hession

Bridget Hession
National College of Art and Design (NCAD)


Graduation Year
Class of 2023


The Seen and the Unseen.As a tactile individual, I find great joy in immersing myself in the endless potential of clay as a medium.My artistic creations are rooted in the spiral pattern, reflecting my personal journey and artistic practice.I have crafted a series of spiral shapes that embody my vision. The exterior of these forms are polished to create a smooth surface as opposed to the interior, which showcases textured surfaces, created with a combination of crater glazes and clays. This symbolises how we present ourselves on the outside may often contrast with how we feel on the inside.The spiral motif has been a continuous theme throughout my work. I find therapeutic reassurance in the repeated rotation and the natural curve. I explore arrested movement whereby I unfold the spiral shape in places to expose the internal aesthetic.The process of making includes wheel throwing, sculpting, polishing and glazing.
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