Class of 2023 • Ceramics

Carine Berger

Carine Berger
ATU Galway


Graduation Year
Class of 2023


My current work explores our ways of coexistence within the world, examining our relationship with the living and how personal experiences, cultural beliefs and scientific postulates affect our sense of place in the natural environment. I look at the role of materiality, the human senses and psyche in shaping our perception and understanding of the intangible boundary between the natural and the man-made, the individual and the universal. Through the medium of clay, I explore organic forms, colours and textural intricacies inspired by seashore’s marine life and mineral concretions, creating biomorphic sculptures which serve as metaphors to convey notions of resilience, control, spontaneity and freedom. I am interested in these enigmatic interplays between the alchemical ceramic process and the essence of landscape. Juxtapositions with other elements such as wool, wood and metal, express a sense of disrupted connection, reconsidering questions of belonging and alienation, balance and tension, while blurring the line between the physical reality and our mental universe.
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