Class of 2022 • Fashion

Conor Bailey

National College of Art and Design


Graduation Year
Class of 2022


As the pandemic affected the world, we all adapted and found new ways to interact with the spaces around us. While so much negativity was broadcast on the news, some people found a way to reconnect. This project is about some of those reconnections we experienced with our parks, our homes, and ourselves. We found a way to persevere. A silver lining to all the chaos outside. It is also a love letter to all the plants that were bought in earnest, and subsequently replaced (for those of us without green fingers) which brought new life and colour into our homes and our spaces.

My design ethos is to spread a bit of joy with my textiles. To allow new interactions with ourselves and how we perceive our world. I wish to encourage different perspectives and curiosity and always to be inspired. :)

My collection 'Plantdemic' has key themes of interactions- spatial, colour and texture to name a few. It is a reflection of a more positive outlook, with colours, shapes and ideas to match.
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