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Conor Waldron

Conor Waldron
Institute of Art, Design and Technology (IADT)


Graduation Year
Class of 2023


My name is Conor Waldron. I graduated from the National Film School at IADT in 2023 with a BA Honours Degree, Majoring in Sound Design and Minoring in Location Sound.I joined the NFS to gain a better understanding of my weakest areas of comprehension which were Editing and Sound.I obtained a good understanding of Editing very early on in First year and I Majored and Minored in Post Sound Design and Location Sound Mixing, turning my weaknesses into strengths in my fourth and final year at IADT.For my Major projects, I was the Sound Mixer and Designer on two films, "With Love From Aidan" - written and Directed by Reuben Harvey and "How To Skin A Cheetah"- co-written and Directed by Meghan O'Shaughnessy.During my time in third and fourth year at IADT I worked as location sound mixer, Sound Assistant and Sound Designer on 12 Graduate and Ghost Grad films from the NFS, and one film from the Kino Eyes Masters in Film programme which had its inaugural year this year.My Major Projects, "With Love From Aidan" and "How To Skin A Cheetah" were very different films. "With Love From Aidan" is a story about the integration of an android into the family dynamic as an experiment. It is set in the real world in the not too distant future. It is set to a classical score throughout the film. "How To Skin A Cheetah" revolves around a teenage girl wishing to escape her current living situation. She befriends a strange local boy with disastrous and horrific consequences.My personal influences when it comes to Sound Design and its creation are also varied. I take inspiration from films such as "Blade Runner", "Baby Driver", "Saving Private Ryan", "Top Gun Maverick" and "Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse" to name a few.I love working on films, both on set and in Post. I love collaborating on projects as well as the immersive collaborative process across all departments.I am an accomplished location sound recordist with experience in feature films, tv and short films and I look forward to increasing my skills on projects in Post Sound.Should you wish to get in touch with me to work on projects you can contact me by email [email protected] Or through social media.
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