Class of 2023 • Sculpture

David Carvill

David Carvill
Institute of Art, Design and Technology (IADT)


Graduation Year
Class of 2023


David Carvill is a visual artist primarily working in the medium of sculpture. His workexplores the development and construction of the changing urban landscape with particularreference to Dublin city. The claim of space and the commodification of natural materials andresources are focal topics to the concept of his work.Using the medium of concrete, he creates a visual tangibility to the transformation of naturalmaterials into man-made commodities. Fragments and particles are loosely compactedtogether, transforming natural matter into a structure that highlights spacial volume . process of creating concrete creates a sense of solidity, and animpression of permanency. These processes of controlled compaction are intended to evokepressures on space, society, commerce and nature, which together determine claims tospace. These sculptural pieces visually discuss the tension between nature and themanufactured and the effect that this has on both the individual and society in a broadersense. The use of materials create a hard and solid effect that is permanent and hard tomove due to the weight of it. The mixture of sand and stone and various other Irish resources to create a new structure speaks to the development of Ireland in the twenty-first century and the corporate environment that has taken over the city’s landscape. This leads to questions of housing, the claim to space and the use of resources.
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