Class of 2023 • Painting

Diarmuid Woodcock

Diarmuid Woodcock
National College of Art and Design (NCAD)


Graduation Year
Class of 2023


My recent body of work, Down Around the Town, is akin to a visual documentary, following the principles of observing, recording and documenting my walks in my hometown of Skerries in North Dublin. Originating from the walks I would take with my dogs, it further expanded to include other journeys like my walks to the train station. Like a flâneur who records his walks and reflects on his connections to a city, my paintings reflect my life long connection to Skerries. They offer an intimate, yet restrained depiction of the town which is further enhanced by their small scale in order to create a personal connection between viewer and painting.On my walks I observe the area and record domestic architecture, local businesses, and communal areas of nature. This documentation of space also depicts the changing seasons, with daylight scenes and lit interiors at night. My practice has a multidisciplinary process of photography, painting and text that aims to capture a sense of intimacy and comfort. I take photographs which have physical or personal resonance to me. From those photographs, I create a variety of sketches that document my journeys before creating paintings from them using acrylics and oils on small, intimate wood panels. With these paintings, I create pieces of text that serve as a link between me, the painter, the work, and the viewer. They serve as a link to my mind and thoughts, providing an insight into my connections to each painting.
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