Class of 2023 • Print

Dylan Buckley

Dylan Buckley
Limerick School of Art and Design (LSAD)


Graduation Year
Class of 2023


My work is an abstract portrayal of a dichotic artistic framework I have self-identified as analysis/synthesis. As a creative I am fascinated by the relationship conceptualisation shares with production. The abstract concepts I begin to materialise are often born out of intuition and vibrant expression which transitions to rigid process through the discipline of printmaking. Establishing an immutable structure capable of housing the limitless spirit has been a point of focus within my work for a number of years. Thematic motifs of surface, texture and form are the connective tissue of my recent explorations. Based in printmaking, my specialisation is in the intaglio process of collagraph. This allows me to utilise and adapt found objects while stripping them of the standard properties/signifiers they possess. This elevation of form is a direct response to the Arte Povera movement which sought to 'bridge the gap between art and the everyday'. This ethos has motivated the use of discarded or overlooked material and for its value to be re-examined within a hierarchical structure, transitioning from waste to an artefact worthy of attention.
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