Class of 2023 • Installation

Elena McCarthy

Elena McCarthy
National College of Art and Design (NCAD)


Graduation Year
Class of 2023


This collection of work acts as a monument for my sex reassignment surgery, but also a personal investigation of my new (and improved) physicality.Recalling this period of recovery fills me with sentimental heartache. Recovery was a time of isolation, reconfiguration and release. This transfigurement was paramount to my life; but not without its scars.The ironic subversion of one vessel into a new, more appropriate vessel becomes akin to the altering of a garment; facilitating the creation of another. Furthermore, likening the hand of the surgeon to that of the dressmaker. Allowing the language, materiality, processes, and tools of the dressmaker to mirror that of the surgeon.The shared operative nature of these two disciplines become the basis of my making. The overlapping materiality; latex, bandages, gauze, muslin, calico, and interfacing, along with old dressmaking patterns, become the tools for dissection and anatomisation of my very own surgical collaboration.
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