Class of 2023 • Design

Ellee Dean

Ellee Dean
Ulster University, Belfast School of Art


Graduation Year
Class of 2023


As a textile designer, my passion lies in print design, particularly in the digital exploration of provocative themes with a dark and vibrant colour palette. My goal is to create an edgy collection that reflects my identity not only as a designer but as a person. For my major project, I embarked on an experimental journey into fetishism, expressing my own encounters and experiences. The 'fetish' collection explores materials and techniques associated with fetish and bondage culture, celebrating freedom and self-expression. I constantly push the boundaries of fashion and textile design, aiming to inspire others to explore their creativity. Beginning with drawings, I digitally develop compositions, colours, and defining elements for my prints with finalising by having the designs digitally printed. I have finally developed a unique style and theme that embodies boldness and edginess.
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