Class of 2023 • Fashion

Ellen Greenan

Ellen Greenan
Limerick School of Art and Design (LSAD)


Graduation Year
Class of 2023


The name of my graduate collection, 'Scáthach,' draws its inspiration from the Ulster Celtic warrior goddess of Irish mythology, whose name translates to the 'shadowy one' in English. This collection finds its muse in the tales of the 'sidhe' which are supernatural beings within Irish folklore. Traditionally Associated with malevolence, these creatures were believed to wreak havoc on crops, livestock, and even human lives, sparking a sense of anxiety and trauma within the Irish subconscious, especially in rural Ireland.Exploring these narratives through a psychological lens, my collection delves into the underlying layers of unease and examines how they manifest. I sought to represent the destruction often intertwined with stories of the sidhe by defacing textiles and employing raw edge finishes to these garments. Additionally,my fascination with capturing the essence of water, a pivotal element in Celtic mythology and a conduit to the underworld, led me to experiment with various techniques to emulate its fluidity. I aimed to evoke sensations of both submersion and human touch, ultimately delving into different realms ofconsciousness.In this creative journey, biomaterials played a crucial role. Countless hours of experimentation within myown home allowed me to refine the perfect blend of components, resulting in a translucent texture reminiscent of human skin and the feeling of water. To create these materials I first developed a suitableratio of gelatine, glycerin, water and added various different colours symbolic of the Irish landscape. Not only do these materials possess a remarkably biodegradable nature, but they also honour the environment's safety, seamlessly merging sustainability with artistic expression.
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