Class of 2022 • Fashion

Emily Bourke

National College of Art and Design


Graduation Year
Class of 2022


Tracey Emin once said “For a dirty weekend come to Margate”.

My print collection is a visual celebration that champions women’s sexual liberation and freedom. It provocatively reclaims control of female sexuality and desires and subverts the male gaze.

This womenswear collection is about being fearless and bold and giving the middle finger to misogyny through maximalist, playful prints with a tongue-in-cheek attitude. Cheeky slogans have been designed to create humour and debate around societal attitudes towards sex. This serves as a joyful reprieve from a society that has for too long shamed women for their sexuality, and as an impassioned reminder that there is no shame in their freedom.

It is an empowering and positive collection inspired by a summer spent in Margate. Humorous visual metaphors in the collection represent the ongoing sexual liberation of contemporary society.
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