Class of 2023 • Painting

Erin Dowd

Erin Dowd
National College of Art and Design (NCAD)


Graduation Year
Class of 2023


I am an artist who creates work based on my appreciation for the Irish and feminist weaving traditions. In this way, through making woven works, I become a performer of the craft, which I record and translate into paintings. My interest lies in creating a unique language between painting, textiles, and installation that can allude to the domestic space in a coded manner, suggesting the greater complexity of the traditions embedded within such spaces. I perceive myself as a weaver, emulating my female predecessors while simultaneously challenging the limitations imposed on women and the stereotypical, kitsch notions attached to soft materials within the art realm. Through painting, I document scenes and imagined scenarios that allude to the performance of weaving within the bounds of the home, my works depict notions of movement and journey through navigating a world unknown to me and the desire to become familiar with the traditional craft. My body of work depicts the transition from role-playing and performing as a weaver to embodying the true identity of a weaver. The finished woven works can attest to this transition and in their own right create an entry into a new, more permanent exploration within my practice.
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