Class of 2021 • Painting

Eve Parnell

National College of Art and Design


Graduation Year
Class of 2021

I have selected black biro and paired it with artist quality canvas textured paper. Working with biro brings its own constraints and rules. The biro is unyielding and once a line is drawn, it cannot be erased. The extensive areas of blackness, where the pen has expended itself onto the page, shift and fall like a velvet curtain. The paper is not fully saturated, tiny white points like dust motes float as if in an atmosphere charged room. In these apparently banal images, there are parallels with the acceptance of the mania for killing during WW2 and the mania for slaughter to satisfy consumerism today. This series consists of 28 Drawings on canvas textured paper, size A3. My article printed in the Irish Times 09/07/2021 explains the exciting history of this humble tool, the common biro.
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