Class of 2022 • Fashion

Franziska Klein

Griffith College Dublin


Graduation Year
Class of 2022


Homespun the collection is inspired by the comfort we find at home and the history and guidance from our ancestors and heritage. Inspiration comes from beautiful old church buildings, beloved poetry themes, my mother and grandmother's teachings and my love of the relaxed Hygge lifestyle. Vernacular embroidery techniques have been resurrected in natural raw fibres for unique embellishment details. This is a soft and feminine womenswear collection that makes comfort an everyday experience in super-soft natural fabrics such as velvet, alpaca wools and organic jerseys and luxurious quilting. All garments are created to provide cozy and comfortable clothing that gives the feeling of wearing loungewear, while keeping a sophisticated style in a soft palette of powder blue, sand, dusky pink and cream. Scented lavender pillows can be inserted into collars and hidden panels for extra comfort and coziness, and can be heated for wearable aromatherapy. 
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