Class of 2023 • Film

Gavin Harte

Gavin Harte
Technological University of Shannon (TUS)


Graduation Year
Class of 2023


Welcome to Fanti-City is an environmental storyteling animation with emphasis on backgroundenvironments in the form of a tourism videoI created this film to explore a fantasy environment based on a world I plan on using for TTRPGs such asDungeons and Dragons. It's an outlet for world building and exploration into story telling. This film evokeswonder and awe to explore a fantasy world as you would explore a real-world place. This is highly inspiredby many of Irelands old and new travel advertsThis project is a 2-minute 2D digital ilustrated animation made using segmented layered ilustration in a 3-dimensional space to create a sense of expanse and openness, using paralaxing effects to achieve it.
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