Class of 2023 • Fashion

Georgina McFarlane

Georgina McFarlane
Technological University of Shannon (TUS)


Graduation Year
Class of 2023


I named my graduate collection 'Lír' after the old Irish word for the sea, and the sea god’s name in Irish mythology. The pronunciation of 'Lír’ is a combination of the words love and fear which I explore throughout this collection. While the sea and beach bring me comfort, I also get scared when I overthink the vastness and depth of the sea. I have lived by the sea my entire life and it is something that has inspired my collection from start to finish. The textiles and colours for this collection all came from an image I took of a bench by the beach.Watching the sea from afar is so pretty and comforting, and I love sea swimming, but it also terrifies me. Throughout this collection, I aimed to express these conflicting emotions towards the sea and the beach using layering of lighter textiles over the heavier dark knitted textiles as well as including sections of the sandy colour yarn to represent sections of sand. I wanted to convey the fragile balance between the beauty and danger of the sea. Overall, this collection is a personal and artistic reflection of my relationship with the beach and sea.
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